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Sophia Ultra-Low Noise CCD Cameras

Princeton Instruments


SOPHIA Ultra-Low-Noise CCD Cameras




Key Features:

* ArcTec™ technology cools the sensor below -90°C without chillers or cryocoolers
* Permanent vacuum guarantee
* 2048 x 2048 back-illuminated CCDs deliver >95% peak QE
* Patented eXcelon technology -low fringing and enhanced sensitivity over broad wavelength range
* Up to 16 MHz readout rate with up to 4-port simultaneous readout
* New, ultra-low-noise readout electronics with ultra-stable bias
* High-speed USB 3.0 data interface with optional fiberoptic connection for remote operation
* Compatible with IsoPlane and SpectraPro spectrometers
* Fully supported by 64-bit LightField software




SOPHIA series Quantum Efficiency (QE) curve





  ArcTec cooling technology

  *  An all-metal, hermetically sealed vacuum design
      is utilized… guaranteed for life!
  *  No epoxies are used. Even the vacuum window is
      brazed to the walls of the vacuum chamber.
      Therefore, there is no outgassing or long-term
      degradation such as that caused by the epoxies
      used in inferior designs.
  *  A custom heat sink design is utilized to ensure
      efficient thermal dissipation from the sensor and

  *  Options are available that cool with air only,
      liquid only (for vibration-sensitive environments),
      or a combination thereof!

  Ultra-low-noise design

  *  ~4 e- rms read noise
  *  Short electrical paths between the sensor, critical
      driver, and digitization modules
  *  Fully optimized digital designs for the best CCD
      operation at any readout mode or setting

  Ultra-stable design

  *  Ideal for extended ‘staring’ applications as well
      as ‘kinetic’ experiments
  *  Guaranteed ultra-stable reference bias
      regardless of operating mode via use of
      reference pixels
       (Bias Active Stability Engine, or BASE)
  *  Sensor temperature actively stabilized to ±0.1°C
  *  Matched quadrant readout ports

  Ultra-flexible performance

  *  Multiple readout modes (4-port, 2-port, or 1-port
      readout; custom sensor readout; kinetic readout)
      for capturing even ultrafast events
  *  Complete triggering support
  *  Independently optimized clocking for each
  *  Field-replaceable internal mechanical shutter
  *  Standard Nikon® F-mount or spectroscopy mount
      (or Varian Associates ConFlat® designs for

  High-speed USB3.0 data interface

  *  High data rates (up to 5 Gb/sec)
  *  Easy plug-and-play interface
  *  Camera operation from laptops or desktops
      (requires USB 3.0 port)
  *  Optional fiberoptic data connection for remote
      operation from up to 50 m (hazardous
      environments, etc.)

  LightField imaging and spectroscopy software

  *  A powerful, intuitive user interface provides
      complete control of PI cameras and
  *  A built-in math engine enables the analysis of
      image and spectral data in real-time.
  *  A universal programming interface, 64-bit
      PICAM, is included for easy custom
  *  Seamless integration of hardware controls and
      direct data acquisition into National Instruments'
      LabVIEW®, MathWorks' MATLAB®, and EPICS
      synchrotron control software is easy.
  *  Patented IntelliCal automated wavelength and
      intensity calibration is fully supported.






In vivo small-animal imaging