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Acton-LS Series - Lens Spectrographs


Acton Series
LS 785
Acton LS 785 Lens Spectrograph

High Throughput, NIR Lens Spectrograph

The Acton Series LS 785 provides a significant advantage in acquisition time and spatial integrity in demanding Raman imaging applications. Combined with renowned Princeton Instruments PIXIS and PyLoN 100BR or 400BR deep-depletion CCD detectors, the LS 785 delivers the highest throughput NIR Raman spectrometer on the market today.

Product Benefits

  • Easy wavelength adjustment for 750nm to 830nm laser excitations
  • Custom designed AR coatings from Acton Optics
  • Princeton Instruments deep depletion CCD options for highest sensitivity in the NIR
  • Unique f/2 lenses with proprietary coatings from Acton Optics, providing > 99% throughput
  • Easy interface to fiber optic probes and microscopes
  • 5 cm-1 resolution accommodates most NIR Raman applications
  • Compatible with PI's powerful LightField 64-bit software