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SpectraPro HRS Spectrographs and Monochromators

Princeton Instruments


SpectraPro HRS Spectrographs and Monochromators


New, Versatile, High Resolution Imaging Spectrographs and Scanning Monochromators


Unrivaled versatility!

The SpectraPro HRS affords researchers truly unrivaled experimental versatility. Dual exit ports, each with a full 30 mm focal plane, permit mounting and operation of two array detectors (which could include any of Princeton Instruments’ CCD, EMCCD, ICCD, sCMOS, or InGaAs detectors) or enable the instrument to operate as both a monochromator and a spectrograph.


Applications for SpectraPro spectrometers include:

Raman spectroscopy | Fluorescence | Photoluminescence | Plasma emission | Absorption | Transmission | Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) | Microspectroscopy





New ResXtreme spectral deconvolution technology

• Improves spectral resolution by up to 60%
Improves peak intensity of spectral lines by up to 60%
Provides up to a 60% improvement in spectral uniformity at all CCD positions
Conservation of Energy: Maintains total signal under the peak
Improves signal-to-noise performance
Saves original spectral information, allowing data to be recalled without ResXtreme
Is included with all SpectraPro HRS spectrographs that are purchased with Princeton Instruments LightField software!*
* LightField required for operation of ResXtreme.


Full-size dual focal planes for multiple array detectors

Permits mounting and operation of two cameras
Choose from Princeton Instruments CCDs and InGaAs cameras for UV – SWIR coverage
Enables operation as both a monochromator and a spectrograph




Dramatically improves wavelength accuracy and repeatability
Outperforms previous scan systems - yields significant improvements in accuracy and reproducibility
Automatically identifies the turret and gratings installed on startup
Performs several optical alignment routines to insure accurate initialization




IntelliCal wavelength calibration achieves up to 10x greater wavelength calibration accuracy than conventional calibration methods, while IntelliCal intensity calibration removes unwanted instrument responses from spectral data. SpectraPro HRS spectrographs with IntelliCal ensure authentic spectroscopic data that can be published or shared across multiple user facilities. 



High-efficiency Acton optical coatings

Acton #1900 enhanced-aluminum mirrors provide highest reflectivity from 193 nm to mid-IR
Optional Acton protected silver coatings provide an average > 98% reflectivity and increased throughput over conventional silver coatings
Optional gold coatings available for NIR




Powerful LightField software

Intuitive software package, with cutting-edge user interface
Provides complete control of entire spectroscopy system and experiment*
Controls SpectraPro HRS, Princeton Instruments’ cameras, spectral acquisition, data processing and more
 * Software sold separately