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Light Field

LightField 4.0 Software

LightField® 64-bit Acquisition Software - The Power of Revolutionary Thinking

From the world leaders in optical spectroscopy and CCD/EMCCD/ICCD technology comes LightField, an all-new 64-bit data acquisition platform for spectroscopy and imaging. LightField combines complete control over Princeton Instruments’ cameras and spectrometers with easy-to-use tools for experimental setup, data acquisition and post-processing.

LightField provides a cutting-edge user interface and the powerful functionality needed to set up and perform complex optical diagnostic experiments. This unique and revolutionary tool lets researchers around the world realize the true potential of their advanced Princeton Instruments low-light-level cameras and spectrographs.

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New, PI-MAX4 ICCD support Intellical - Automated wavelength and intensity calibration


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Automated wavelength and intensity calibration routines significantly improve accuracy of recorded spectra-pdf

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