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Princeton Instruments

IntelliCal™ - Automated wavelength and intensity calibration

Publish with absolute confidence. For the first time, the spectral response of all elements in the detection path, including that of the grating and the camera, has been taken into account.

LightField’s optional IntelliCal feature lets you firmly and immediately establish the accuracy of your spectroscopic data on a pixel-by-pixel basis:

  • Calibrate the entire spectrum in both the wavelength and intensity scales
    against the NIST database - Download the Wavelength Calibration chart

  • Rely on patented technology that delivers up to 10x better accuracy
    than standard calibration

To learn more about this revolutionary new feature:


LightField offers patented IntelliCal for accurate spectrum calibration in both the wavelength and intensity spaces! Data using standard spectral calibration (left); same data utilizing LightField�s IntelliCal wavelength and intensity calibration (right).