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PV Measurement

PV Measurements, Inc. supports the global transition to solar energy by designing and building precise, easy-to-use, performance-characterization instrumentation for the photovoltaics industry. We offer a variety of products for photovoltaic cell testing, including solar cell quantum efficiency/IPCE/spectral response measurement systems and solar cell I-V measurement systems,reference cellssolar simulator uniformity mapperssolar simulator spectroradiometersconsulting services, and more.

PV Measurements, Inc. offers a range of solar cell quantum efficiency measurement systems for photovoltaic cell testing, customized to be the best system for your measurement needs. The systems are built on the platforms of the QEX10 and the QEW7 Spectral Response Measurement Systems.

External Quantum Efficiency

Solar Cell Spectral Response Measurement Systems give detailed data on how efficiently a solar cell converts light into current at various wavelengths. PV Measurements' systems normally provide the data in Quantum Efficiency (QE) units, also known as External Quantum Efficiency (EQE) and Incident Photon Conversion Efficiency (IPCE).

The detailed performance information provided by a QE measurement is commonly used by researchers to document and answer questions about:

  • Device performance
  • Material purity
  • Material selection
  • Device design
  • Process steps

Internal Quantum Efficiency

Some of the light incident on a solar cell is reflected which reduces the amount of light entering the solar cell. If the power or irradiance of the reflected light is measured and subtracted from the known incident light quantity, the system knows how much light is entering the solar cell and can calculate Internal Quantum Efficiency (IQE). With the Reflectance Accessory, the QEX7 can measure the reflectance of a photovoltaic device and provide the solar cell IQE measurement.

Solar Cell Manufacturing Process Control

In manufacturing, regular sampling of the photovoltaic devices as they come out of the production line yields spectral response data that helps reveal which process steps need to be adjusted. Experienced operators can use the information to determine how processes need to be adjusted to maintain efficiency and quality.

Solar Cell QE Measurement System Models


Calibrated Photovoltaic Reference Cells

Calibrated Photovoltaic Reference Cell.

Use NREL traceable reference cells to ensure accurate light source settings.

Reference cells are most commonly used to set the intensity of a light source to a particular test condition (e.g. one-sun) for I-V measurements.

Reference cells include a rugged enclosure, solar cell, temperature sensor, and protective window. Cell type, temperature sensor, and window material can be selected to meet your requirements.

PV Measurements, Inc. can provide reference cells with or without calibration. When ordered with calibration, the customer receives calibration certificates citing traceability to NREL as well as I-V and spectral response data.

Features of Most Common Configuration

  • May be used outside (not designed for continuous outdoor use) or with solar simulators
  • 2-cm by 2-cm square silicon solar cell
  • Close thermal contact between solar cell and enclosure
  • Temperature sensor 4-wire contact to the solar cell
  • BK7 glass window
  • Broad-spectrum, low-reflectivity coating behind window and surrounding solar cell
  • Mounting hole pattern (62 mm X 62 mm) compatible with WPVS reference cell design


  • Quartz window or colorglass filter for customizing spectral response to resemble that of a particular test material such as amorphous silicon (instead of BK7 glass)
  • RTD temperature sensor or alternative thermocouple type
  • Cable termination using your preferred connector
  • Different size solar cell or aperture placed over solar cell
  • Customer-provided solar cell

Other options are available; please contact us to discuss your requirements.

PV Measurements, Inc. presents: The Optimum Photovoltaic Reference Cell for Your Research