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Semrock was founded in 2000 based on a critical breakthrough in ion-beam sputtering technology that allowed the use of hard dielectric coatings on a single glass substrate. Since that time, more than half a million thin-film interference filters have been sold and we remain at the forefront of optical filter technology for biotech and analytical instrumentation applications. We offer the most spectrally sophisticated optical filters on the market to drive significant improvements for our customers and their applications, like faster measurement times, reduced downtime, repeatable manufacturing, and lower optical component count.


Semrock supports the biotech and analytical instrumentation market with three product platforms – optical filters for fluorescence instrumentation & microscopy, Raman instrumentation filters, and laser analytical instrumentation filters.

BrightLine® Fluorescence Filters

Semrock’s award-winning and patented line of BrightLine fluorescence filters significantly improve the performance of instrumentation and microscopes for both OEM and end-user customers by offering unsurpassed transmission and carefully optimized blocking for the brightest images. Our newest landmark innovation is our line of widely tunable VersaChrome® bandpass filters that collectively cover the entire visible spectrum with just five filters.



Raman Filters

Semrock's vast selection of Raman filters gives you the steepest edges on the market. Rely on the RazorEdge® edge filters, RazorEdge dichroics and StopLine® notch filters to detect even the smallest Raman shifts. To combine or separate laser beams use our LaserMux™ filters, or clean up your narrow laser lines with our MaxLine® laser line filters.



Laser Analytical Instrumentation Filters

Benefit from the comprehensive selection of laser instrumentation filters, all with outstanding laser damage threshold and five year warranty. The MaxMirror® ultra broadband mirror has the highest reflectivity on the market and the MaxDiode™ laser diode clean-up filter offers superior noise blocking for the cleanest laser diode output.




Note: Semrock products are variously covered by US patents # 6,809,859, # 6,894,838, # 7,068,430, # 7,119,960, # 7,123,416, # 7,411,679, and additional patents pending. BrightLine ZERO, MaxDiode, MaxLamp, LaserMux and EdgeBasic are trademarks, and Semrock, BrightLine, RazorEdge, StopLine, MaxMirror, MaxLine and VersaChrome are registered trademarks of Semrock, Inc.