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   Berkeley Nucleonics Corp., USA


- Delay/Pulse Generators, Microwave Signal Generators/RF Signal Generators & NIM Modules


Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC) has a 45-year history providing precision electronic instrumentation for test, measurement and nuclear research.  Its’ products include signal / pulse generators and digital delay generators (DDG), multimeters and frequency counters, radiation detectors (RIID) and life sciences instrumentation. Flagship instruments include a 250pS 8-Channel Digital Delay Generator, a NIM Precision Pulse Generator and ANSI compliant handheld isotope identifers (RIID) and radiation pagers (PRD).  We offer users around-the-clock support on our products and can customize a suite of instruments to meet the most demanding applications.


Delay / Pulse Generators

Berkeley Nucleonics offers the widest range of signal generators available, in packaging, interface, signal properties and price. We can deliver solutions for almost any signal-generating requirements, from high voltage to optics, complex waveforms and multi-channels/triggers. Featured products include:

Model 577 - NEW !

Digital Delay / Pulse Generator

Model 745 - NEW !

Femtosecond Digital Delays with 5 Picosecond Jitter

Model 575

Digital Delay / Pulse Generator



 575 - 8 Channel Configurable Pulse Generator


•   250pS Delay & Width Resolution

    on 8 channels

•   50pS channel Jitter / 800pS RMS

    Ext. jitter

•   Indpendent trigger options for

    each channel

•   Clock In & Clock Out

•   Programmable


•   Combine Electrical and Optical


•   Dual Inputs (Gate+Trig / 2 Trig)



•   Trigger, Gate, Delay, Pulse or

    Sync experiments or lasers

•   Sync to an External Clock, Pulse

    Pick (up to 100 MHz)

•   Master/Slave or Multiple Unit Slave;

    Complex Burst Functions

•   Control Front-End, Q-Switch,

    Flashlamp, PIV, Laser/

    Pump Laser Timing


•  250 fs time resolution

•  Down to 5 ps jitter (int trigger)

•  25 ps jitter (ext trigger)

•  Output risetimes typically 1 ns

•  Selectable clock inputs

   (10MHz to 80MHz, user may specify

   a value to the nearest 100 kHz)

•  Ethernet GUI - Complete

   Configuration Displayed

•  Up to 64 Channels Displayed on

   1 GUI




•  Sync with selectable external clock

    frequency - Mode Locked Lasers

•  Delay and Gate ICCDs

•  Control Flashlamps and Q-Switches

•  Gate High Speed Cameras

•  Triggering Ballistics Testing

•  Rangefinding

•  Radar / Lidar Testing


•  New multi-unit control software

•  250pS Delay & Width Resolution

   on 8 channels

•  50pS channel Jitter / 800pS RMS

   Ext. jitter

•  Independent clock rates for each


•  Clock In & Clock Out

•  Programmable (Ethernet/USB/


•  Combine Electrical and Optical


•  Dual Inputs (Gate+Trig / 2 Trig)



•  Trigger, Gate, Delay, Pulse

   or Sync experiments or lasers

•  Sync to an External Clock, Pulse

   Pick (up to 100 MHz)

•  Master/Slave or Multiple Unit Slave;

   Complex Burst Functions

•  Control Front-End, Q-Switch,

    Flashlamp, PIV, Laser/

    Pump Laser Timing

Model 725

Multi-Trigger Digital Delay


Model 588

1U Rack Mount 8 Channel DDG

Model 505

10ns Digital Delay / Pulse Generator


Model 725 Multi-trigger Pulse Generator




•  Trigger-pulse delay: 50ns - 1370s

•  Inputs: 8 external and 7 internal

•  Outputs: 8 internal (to timing


•  Delay jitter from internal source:

   200 ps

•  External trigger duration: 50 ns



•  Control and time experiments

   quickly and easily

•  Eliminate delays, gates, timers,

   filters and cables

•  Designed by experimenters for

   experiment control

•  Warmup, interlock, arm, sync,

   digital delay, trigger


•  Low Profile Design

•  8 Channels of Delay and Width

•  50pS internal jitter, 200pS trigger jitter

•  250pS Delay & Width resolution

•  NI Certified Labview Drivers Included

•  Trigger Inputs (Single or Dual)



•  Automated Test Environments

•  OEM System Components

•  Remote Experimentation

•  Ballistics, Downrange Test

•  Syncronize Multiple Devices/Events 


Designed for 588-OEM series

588-OEM-1n / 250PS 

•  1 ns or 250 ps timing resolution

•  Fully independent channel outputs

•  Computer Interfaces

•  Full Integration and Product

   Support Offered

•  2 Year Warranty

Please feel free to contact us for further enquiries.


•  Quick recall of up to 6 system


•  RS232 computer interface & GPIB

•  On-screen menus and help

•  Continuous, burst, single shot,

   ext. trigger, gate

•  10 ns resolution, Delay + Width

   each channel

•  Burst mode and divide-by-N

    functions for all channels



Model 645

50MHz Arbitrary Waveform/Function Generators



•  50MHz sine, 10MHz Arbitrary Waveform

•  14-bit, 125MSa/s, 256 K-point ARB

•  Pattern Generator (16 bits wide, 256K depth)

•  Pulse, Ramp, Triangle, Noise

•  AM, FM, PM (PSK), FSK & PWM Modulation

•  Linear & Logarithmic Sweeps

•  USB, LAN or GPIB Optional programming

•  wavePRO Waveform Creation, Editing and



•  Nanotechnology, Automotive to Power

    Industry testing

•  Radar, Medical / Biomedical Simulations

•  Phase Sync'd signals for MEMS, gyro control

•  Count rate Simulation (linear or non-linear)

•  Throughput / Response Measurements





Microwave Signal Generators / Radio Frequency (RF) Signal Generators

Model 845-HP - 20 GHz

High Output Signal Generator

Model 845-M - 5 to 20GHz

 Low Noise Synthesizer



Low-noise and fast-switching microwave signal generator covering a frequency range from 10 MHz up to 20 GHz+.

High output power, low phase noise, fast-switching microwave signal generator covering a frequency range from 9 kHz up to 20 GHz.

Wideband low phase-noise synthesizer operating up to 20 GHz. Has a mili-Hz frequency resolution uses a high-stability internal reference.


Model 835-6 - 6 GHz

RF / Microwave Signal Generator

Model 835-6-R - 6 GHz

 (Fast Switching Analog Signal Generator - Rackmount)

Model 835-3 - 3 GHz

Microwave / RF Generator

Model 835-3-M

Ultra-Compact 3 GHz Microwave / RF Signal Generator

A low-noise, fast-switching analog signal generator that covers a frequency range from 9 kHz up to 6.1 GHz.

1U rackmount, very low phase noise, fast-switching RF signal generator with µ-Hz frequency resolution.

Low-noise & fast-switching analog signal generator providing a frequency range from 9 kHz up to 3.3 GHz with 0.001 Hz resolution.

Ultra-compact general-purpose radio frequency signal generator covering a frequency range from 9kHz to 3.0GHz with 0.1 Hz frequency resolution.


Phase Noise Test Systems

Model 7070 - 5 MHz to 7.0 GHz




•   All-in-one compact measurement


•   Measurements down to -185 dBc/Hz

•   Offset range from 0.1 Hz to 45 MHz

•   Selectable internal or external reference


•   Powerful Graphical User Interface (GUI)

•   Remote control via LAN, USBTMC

    and GPIB 


•  General purpose phase and amplitude

   noise tests

•  Additive or residual phase noise

   measurements supported

•  Time domain and spectrum analysis

•  Cross-correlator FFT analysis

•  Automated production testing




Model 7200 - 5 MHz - 26GHz. 1MHz Offset

Model 7300 - 5 MHz - 26GHz. 50MHz Offset 


•  All-in-one compact measurement


•  Measurements down to -180 dBc/Hz

•  Quick "One-click“ measurement

•  Selectable internal or external

   reference sources

•  Powerful graphical user interface (GUI)

•  Remote control via USBTMC & LAN

•  Residual and additive noise


•  Options: GPIB interface




•  General purpose phase noise tests

•  Crystaloscillator and VCO testing

•  PLL synthesizer locking and


•  Supply noise verification

•  Automated production testing



NIM Modules 








•  Repetition rate:

   10 Hz - 1 MHz

•  Delay adjustable from

   -50 ns to 10 ms

•  Rise time 20ns - 50µs

•  Fall time 50ns-1000/°s

•  Integral linearity of

   amplitude ±0.1%

•  Output amplitude:

   to 9.99 volts from

   50 ohms

•  Amplitude jitter:

   less than 0.002% rms





•  Random tail

   pulses for MCA,

   PHA, pile-up and

   dead-time testing

•  Rates from 10 Hz

    to 1 MHz





•  Higher rates

•  Fast automated testing

•  Completely Programmable

•  Built-in ramp generator

•  Excellent linearity, stability

   and resolution



•  Multi-Channel Analyzer


•  Nuclear Circuit Testing

•  Pulse Height Analyzer

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