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Electro-Optical Systems Inc.

Since 1983, Electro-Optical Systems Inc. has been operating as an independent original equipment manufacturer of photodetector/photodiode components, detector subassemblies, and custom instrumentation covering the complete UV/Vis - 40 micron spectral region.


Receiver Modules

Electronic Accessories

Detector Components

Dewar Re-pump and Bakeout Service


Receiver Modules
Detector Components + Pre-Amplifier Electronics

EOS specializes in integrating our broad product line of detector components with preamplifier electronics, creating receiver modules to accommodate almost any IR measurement requirement, from laboratory experimentation to industrial OEM applications. 

The compact TO-packaged units offer the user the convenience and performance advantages of having the photodetector and amplifier in as close proximity as possible, minimizing EMI and microphonics. 

The versatile H-series units offer the user a group of interchangeable detectors, which provide optimal coverage of the UV-VIS-NIR, -MWIR, -LWIR wavelength regions. 

The cryogenic detector/amplifiers offer the ultimate in sensitivity for any given wavelength range as well as maximum immunity to EMI, microphonics, and accidental mishandling. 

These products insure the proper matching of the photodetector and amplifier characteristics for maximum performance. EOS categorizes the Receiver Modules into three main sub-categories as follows:

TO-Style Receivers

H-Series Receivers

Cryogenic Receivers




Electronic Accessories
Power Supplies, TE-Controllers, Pre-Amplifiers, Data Acquisition Systems, etc... 

EOS manufactures support electronics for our detector products. This product line includes power supplies, preamplifiers, temperature controllers, lock-in amplifiers and a variety of custom data acquisition systems. Our goal is to deliver the right combination for each user's application.

One of the great advantages of these units is that the end user can directly plug them into any EOS receiver module without additional wiring. EOS electronics are designed for extremely low noise operation resulting in optimum detector system performance. All power supplies are CE Marked.

Below you will find our standard accessories:

- Low Noise Power Supply

- Ultra Low Noise - Battery Operated Power Supply

- Power Supply / TE Controller

- Board Level Controller

- EM-Series - LOG/LOG - Lock-in Amplifiers

- Lock-In Amp / Power Supply


Detector Components
Si - Ge - InGaAs - ex InGaAs - InAs - InSb - PbS - PbSe - HgCdTe

The EOS detector component product line consists of photodiodes and photoconductors of a variety of different starting materials, giving the broadest selection from one source in the industry. EOS offers several standard sizes in most detector types, and offers custom design service for non-standard requirements. Please consult factory if you need technical support for your application. 

The products can be generally broken down into three wavelengths regions plus a specialty category that includes Position Sensors, 2-Color Detectors, and Quadrants.

UV - VIS / NIR includes InGaAs, ex-InGaAs, Germanium, and Silicon photodiodes that cover progressively from 0.2 to 2.6 microns. 

NIR - MWIR includes InAs and InSb photodiodes as well as PbS, PbSe, and HgCdTe photoconductors that cover the 1 to 5.5 micron spectral range. 

LWIR includes HgCdTe photoconductors and specialized pyroelectric and thermopile detectors that are used to cover the 1 to 40+ micron spectral range.



Dewar Re-pump and Bakeout Service

We offer a week-long vacuum bakeout service for dewars of a variety of sizes. We use diffusion pumping systems to acheive UHV levels in conjunction with ovens set to 70 degrees celsius. This combination is succesful at evacuating any contaminants that have seeped into the dewar over time. The result of this process is a dewar that can be operated for years before it needs it's next re-pump.