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Ultrafast Lasers 

Ultrashort Pulse Laser Products


The Coherent ultrashort pulse lasers include femtosecond lasers with up to 900 fs pulse widths and picosecond lasers with up to 80 MHz repetition rates.

Femtosecond Lasers - the ultrafast pulses delivered by femtosecond lasers enable the most demanding, high precision micro-structuring tasks in industrial and ophthalmic applications, and are employed when quality is of utmost importance.

Material processing with femtosecond pulses in the range of 300 fs to 900 fs offers a small heat-affected zone (HAZ) and increased energy penetration depth. 

Picosecond Lasers - with pulse durations typically around 10 ps, picosecond lasers offer the best mix of high-quality results and reasonable process throughput for a wide range of precision processing applications, including cutting, drilling, and marking.

All Ultrashort Pulse Lasers


The Paladin family consists of three unique quasi-CW medium-power and high-power UV lasers, delivering the widest range of power from 2 W to 24 W.





The first femtosecond laser designed for instrumentation and OEM integration, 920 nm and 1064 nm Axon lasers are priced at breakthrough cost to grow applications such as two-photon microscopy, harmonic generation microscopy, and inspection.






HyperRapid NX and NXT Series

This industrial picosecond laser features high average power operation at >100 Watt across a wide range of repetition rates (up to 4 MHz) for high throughput micro-machining with the highest quality and no heat affected zone.



Monaco Industrial Femtosecond Laser


The Monaco industrial femtosecond laser provides IR, Green, or UV output for 24/7 production environments. Its compact size allows for easy integration and service.


Monaco HE

High-energy, Versatile Ultrafast Ytterbium Amplifier ideal for either time-resolved spectroscopy or material processing


This industrial high energy picosecond laser offers <15 ps pulses at 1 MHz in a cost-effective package that is fit for the most demanding 24/7 industrial applications.