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Ocean Optics



Ocean Optics is a leading supplier of solutions for optical sensing – fundamental methods of measuring and interpreting the interaction of light with matter. We enable diverse applications in medical and biological research, environmental monitoring, life science, science education, and entertainment lighting and display. Our extensive line of complementary technologies includes spectrometers, chemical sensors, metrology instrumentation, optical fibers, and thin films and optics. Recognized as the inventor of miniature fiber optic spectroscopy, we’ve sold almost 100,000 spectrometers worldwide since 1992.

Ocean Optics has developed a diversified set of manufacturing arts that are essential to components in four key photonics segments: Optical Sensing, Optical Networking, Display Optics and Biophotonics. Primary markets include consumer electronics, process control, environmental monitoring, life sciences and medical diagnostics. Our systems have been used everywhere from in vivo to the ocean floor; on the Mars Rover and the Mir space station; and in Florida's orange groves and South America's rain forests.

Major Products/Services

  • Fiber optic UV-VIS-NIR spectrometers ranging from miniature, modular systems to process analyzers 
  • Low-cost Raman spectrometers for process control and other applications 
  • Fiber optic chemical sensors for measuring oxygen and pH 
  • Patterned dichroic optical filters and precision coatings for display and telecommunications applications
  • Optical fibers, assemblies and probes 
  • Optical networking products, including A/R coatings, spectrum analyzers and optical filters for DWDM

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As the inventors of the world's first miniature spectrometer, Ocean Optics has built a reputation on making the impossible happen. Our full range of systems are designed to help you find answers reliably, conveniently and in virtually any application.

Ocean Optics spectrometers have traveled inside live volcanoes, have visited outer space, have helped find cures and are used in educational curriculum throughout the world.

Specialty Spectrometers

Pre-Configured Systems

User-Configured Systems


Full Systems



Ocean Optics sensor systems are ushering in a new generation of low-cost, portable chemical-sensing devices. Thanks to innovation in the development of chemical-sensing complexes -- particularly those with fluorescing properties -- products such as our Oxygen Sensor systems will continue to provide viable alternatives to traditional chemical-sensing devices such as electrodes. The use of optical-sensing methods lessens the reliance on the electrochemical technologies that have dominated the field of oxygen sensing

Oxygen Sensors

» Oxygen Sensor System Setup
» Oxygen Sensor Probes & System Components
» Oxygen Sensing Systems: How They Work
» Oxygen Sensors vs. Commercial Electrodes
» Care of Oxygen Sensor Probe
» Chemical Compatibility of Sensors
» Oxygen Sensing Application Story
» Oxygen Sensor Frequently Asked Questions
» Planar Oxygen Sensors
» RedEye Oxygen Sensor Patch

Sensor Software

» OOISensors Software for Oxygen Measurements 

pH Sensors

» Fiber Optic pH Sensors
» Phenol Red pH Test Kit

CO Meter

» Pocket Carbon Monoxide Meter


» Brontes Colorimeter



Ocean Optics offers a comprehensive library of data acquisition and display software products for a variety of spectroscopic applications. SpectraSuite is a modular, Java-based spectroscopy software platform that operates on Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems, and includes modules for irradiance and color measurement. SpectraSuite is the software platform on which all Ocean Optics software will be built. 


Sampling Accessories

Collimating Lenses & Accessories 

» 74-series Collimating Lenses
» 84-series Collimating Lens
» Right-angle Collimating Lens Holder
» Adjustable Collimating Lens Holders
» Adjustable Collimating Lens and Cuvette Holder
» Optical Post Mounts, Posts and Assemblies

Cuvette Holders

» Cuvette Holder for 1-cm Cuvettes
» Cuvette Holder for 10-cm Cuvettes
» 4-Way Cuvette Holder for 1-cm Cuvettes
» Direct Attach Cuvette Holder
» Variable Pathlength Cuvette Holder
» Adjustable Cuvette and Collimating Lens Holder
» Temperature-regulated Cuvette Holder
» USB-ISS-UV Integrated Sampling System
» USB-ISS-VIS Integrated Sampling System
» ISS-UV-VIS Integrated Sampling System
» ISS-2 Integrated Sampling System


» Disposable UV-VIS Cuvettes
» Quartz Cuvettes
» FluoroVette Fluorescence Cuvettes
» SpecVette Short Pathlength Cuvettes

Flow Cells and Fluid Sampling Systems

» Flow Cell, Fluorescence
» Flow Cell, Absorbance
» Flow Cell, Long Pass
» Flow Cell, Short Pass
» Process Flow Cell, Cross
» Process Flow Cell, Micro
» Process Flow Cell, Long Pathlength
» Process Flow Cell, Fluorescence
» Process Flow Cell, End-of-Column
» Flow Cells for Absorbance Measurements
» Sequential Injection Analysis System
» FIA-1000-Z Flow Cell Kit
» Process Flow Cells
» SpectroPipetter for Microliter Volume Sample
» Cell for Capillary Electrophoresis
» Positive Displacement Pump
» Fluorescence Flow Analysis PMT

Fluorescence Sampling Tools

» 4-Way Cuvette Holder for 1-cm Cuvettes
» Direct Attach Cuvette Holder
» Fluorescence Standard
» Linear Variable Filters
» Fluorescence Flow Cell, Flow Injection
» Fluorescence Flow Cell, Process
» Fluorescence Flow Analysis PMT
» Fiber Optic Scanning Monochromator
» FluoroVette Micro-volume Cells

Light Collection Tools

» Cosine Correctors for Emission Collection
» Power Supply & Controller for LEDs
» Irradiance/Emission Integrating Sphere: FOIS-1
» Irradiance/Emission Integrating Spheres: ISP-I 

Reflection Measurement Tools

» Reflectance Integrating Sphere: ISP-REF Illuminated
» Reflectance Integrating Spheres: ISP-R
» Diffuse Reflection Standards, WS-series
» Specular Reflection Standards, High Reflectivity
» Specular Reflection Standard, Low Reflectivity

Tools for Metrology

» Specular Reflection Standard, Low Reflectivity
» Variable-angle Reflection Sampling System
» Single-point Reflection Stage
» Reflection & Transmission Stage
» Optical Flats
» Collimation Testers
» Thin Film Reference Wafer

Filtering & Controlling Light

» FHS In-line Filter Holder
» FHSA-series Filter/Cuvette Holders
» USB-FHS Direct-attach Filter Holder
» Filter Holders for Optical Fibers
» Linear Variable Filters
» Accessory Optical Filters
» Fiber Optic Dual Switch with TTL Line
» Electronic TTL Shutter
» Field of View Gershun Tube Kit
» MPM-2000 Optical Multiplexer
» Fiber Optic Variable Attenuator
» MonoScan2000 Monochromater
» Black Flocked Paper

Mapping Tables & Positioners

» High-precision linear XYZ Mapping Tables
» Linear Nanopositioners

Integrating Spheres

» Irradiance/Emission Integrating Sphere: FOIS-1
» Irradiance/Emission Integrating Spheres: ISP-I
» Reflectance Integrating Sphere: ISP-REFIIlluminated
» Reflectance Integrating Spheres: ISP-R
» Total Flux Light Integrating Spheres: LAB-LMS-100 and LAB-LMS-200


» Absorbance Standards
» Reflectance Standard, Specular, Low-reflectivity
» Reflectance Standards, Specular, High-reflectivity
» Reflectance Standards, Diffuse
» Thin Film Reference Wafer
» Fluorescence Standard
» Raman Standards
» Radiometric Standard, Tungsten Halogen, LS-llllseries
» Radiometric Standard, Tungsten Halogen, HL-llllseries
» Radiometric Standard, Deuterium Tungsten llllHalogen
» Calibrated Lamp Standards
» Intensity/Irradiance Calibration Lamp Standard
» Wavelength Calibration Standard, Mercury Argon
» Wavelength Calibration Standard, Argon


» Cosine Corrected Irradiance Probe
» Flame Loop Fiber Optic Probe
» Transmission Probes
» Transmission Probes for Hostile Environments
» Industrial Transmission Process Probes
» Reflection/Backscattering Probes


Light Sources

The development of Ocean Optics miniature fiber optic spectrometers created the need for comparably sized and priced accessories, including light sources. Since no such sources existed, we developed our own -- compact, modular sources complemented by the best bulbs f or spectroscopy that our vendor partners can provide.

Overview: Light Sources

» Sources for Illumination, Excitation, Calibration
» Absolute Spectral Intensity of Light Sources 

Illumination Sources: UV

» PX-2 Pulsed Xenon Lamp (200-750 nm)
» HPX-2 High-powered Xenon Source (185-2000 nm)
» D-2000 Deuterium Light Sources (200-400 nm) 

Illumination Sources: VIS-NIR

» LS-1 Tungsten Halogen Light Source (360-2000 nm)
» HL-2000 Tungsten Halogen Light Sources (360-2000 nm)
» ISS-2 Integrated Sampling System

Combination Illumination Sources:

» USB-DT Deuterium Tungsten Halogen Source (200-2000 llllnm)
» DT-MINI-2 Deuterium Tungsten Halogen Sources (~200-llll2000 nm)
» DT-MINI-2-GS Deuterium Tungsten Halogen Source llll(~200-2000 nm)
» DH-2000 Deuterium Tungsten Halogen Source (215-2000 llllnm)
» DH-2000-BAL Balanced Deuterium Tungsten Halogen llllSource (215-2000 nm)
» ISS-UV-VIS Integrated Sampling System
» USB-ISS-VIS & USB-ISS-UV Integrated Sampling llllSystems

Excitation Sources for Fluorescence & Raman

» LS-450 Blue LED Pulsed Light Source
» LS-475 Blue LED Pulsed Light Source
» USB-LS-450 LED Light Source
» Laser-785 Excitation Laser for Raman Spectroscopy
» Multimode Laser Subsystem for Raman Spectroscopy 

Wavelength Calibration Standards

» HG-1 Mercury Argon Calibration Source for UV-VIS
» AR-1 Argon Calibration Source for VIS-NIR
» CAL-2000 Mercury Argon Calibration Source for UV-VIS 

Radiometric Calibration Standards & Services

» LS-1-CAL Radiometric Standard (300-1050 nm)
» HL-2000-CAL Radiometric Standard (300-1050 nm)
» DH-2000-CAL Radiometric Standard (220-1050 nm)
» LAB-CSFS and LAB-SCL Calibrated Lamp Standards        lll(350-1050 nm)
» LAB-IES-1000 Intensity/Irradiance Calibration Lamp    llStandard (300-1050 nm)
» In-house Radiometric Calibration Services


Optical Fibers

Laboratory-grade Optical Fiber Assemblies

Our Laboratory-grade Optical Fiber Assemblies offer high quality at a budget price. These off-the-shelf assemblies include patch cord assemblies in various lengths, solarization-resistant patch cord assemblies, and bifurcated and splitter assemblies.

·         Laboratory-grade Patch Cord Assemblies

·         Laboratory-grade Bifurcated Optical Fiber Assemblies

·         Laboratory-grade Splitter Optical Fiber Assemblies

Premium-grade Optical Fiber Assemblies

Our "Best for Spectroscopy" Premium-grade Optical Fiber Assemblies consistently deliver uniform results with minimal signal variance. Premium-grade Assemblies include high-quality SMA 905 connectors and silicone-coated steel monocoil jacketing with a Nomex braid for superior strain relief. Each Premium-grade Assembly is shipped with a QA report that includes both the serial number and transmission curve of the assembly.

·         Premium-grade Patch Cord Assemblies

·         Premium-grade Solarization-resistant Assemblies

·         Xtreme Solarization-resistant Optical Fiber Assemblies

·         Premium-grade Bifurcated Optical Fiber Assemblies

Custom Engineered Fibers and Probes

If you haven't yet found the exact fiber assembly you need in our extensive standard, off-the-shelf collection, then our custom optical fiber development services may be of help.

·         Expert Custom Optical Fiber Services

Unjacketed Bulk Optical Fiber

We offer spooled, unjacketed optical fiber primarily for those interested in making their own assemblies.

·         High OH, Ultra-low OH and Solarization-resistant Unjacketed Bulk Optical Fiber

·         Economy-grade Optical Fiber

Optical Fiber Kits

Optical fiber kits for educators, experts and tinkerers alike!

·         FOP-UV and FOP-VIS Optical Fiber Kits

·         Fiber Tinkerer Kit

·         Bare Fiber Adapter Kit

·         Termination Kit

·         SMA Connector Supplies

Fiber Optic Sensors and Probes

Here you'll find information on our line of fiber optic chemical sensors and systems including Fiber Optic Oxygen Sensors. Additionally, we offer optical fiber probes for absorbance, irradiance, reflection and backscattering measurements.

·         Optical Fiber Sensor Systems

·         pH Sensors

·         Optical Fiber Probes

Optical Fiber and Probe Accessories

Gershun Tubes, Fiber Filter Holders, Probe Holders, Modemixers, Fiber Wrenches and more!

·         Optical Fiber and Probe Fixtures and Holders

·         Optical Fiber and Probe Accessories

·         Gershun Tube Kit

·         VFT-series Vacuum Feedthroughs

·         Vacuum Feedthroughs with Standard Flanges




» Optical Fiber & Probe Overview
» Assembly Identifiers
» Custom Fiber & Probe Quoting Website
» Optical Fiber Types


Emission Probes

» QF-600-8-VIS/NIR Fluorescence Probe New!
» FL-400 Flame Loop Fiber Optic Probe
» Cosine-corrected Irradiance Probe
» 74-series Collimating Lenses

Transmission Probes

» T300-RT and T200-RT General Purpose Transmission Dip Probes
» TP300 Transmission Dip Probes for Hostile llllEnvironments
» TI300 Industrial Transmission Dip Probes

Reflection Probes

» Solarization-resistant Reflection/backscattering llllProbes
» Standard Reflection/Backscattering Probes
» Reflection/Backscattering Probes with Reference llllLeg
» Reflection/Backscattering Probes with Expanded llllWavelength Coverage
» Reflection/Backscattering Angled Probes for llllSolution & Powders

Process Probes

» Attenuated Total Reflection Probe
» Double-pass Transmission Probe
» Single-pass Transmission Probe
» Fluorescence / Backscattering Probe
» TI300 Industrial Transmission Dip Probes

Raman Probes

» Probes for Ocean Optics systems configured for llllRaman spectroscopy

PH Probe

» pH Sensing Probe  

Oxygen Sensing Probes