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Camtek - Automated Optical Inspection Systems

Camtek, Israel
Automated Optical Inspection Systems
Camtek designs, develops, manufactures and markets technologically advanced, cost-effective systems and related software products that are used to enhance processes and yields.

Camtek provides intelligent automated optical inspection (AOI) systems to the Semiconductor Manufacturing and Packaging,  IC Substrates, and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) industries.

Camtek addresses the specific needs of each industry with dedicated solutions, based on a common core of intelligent imaging technologies.


Condor 200 Series


Handling capability of wafers and masks at various size, shape
   and thickness.
Innovative image acquisition technology to achieve high
   detection sensitivity.
Independent bright field and dark field channels working
   simultaneously to achieve reliable detection of surface and
   morphology defects.
Optional, patented height sensors (CTS™ and CCS™) for
   multiple metrology capabilities in a single platform.
Automatic defect binning and classification.
Offline simulator for high productivity


Height Sensors


CTS™ – Camtek Triangulation System

CCS – Confocal Chromatic Sensor
(optional - patented)


Condor 300 Series


Innovative image acquisition technology to achieve better detection capabilities.
Integrated 3D and 2D metrology and inspection in a single system.
A wide selection of sub-micron height sensors from sub-10micron gold and micro bumps to high aspect
    ratio TSV.

Controllable and independent bright field and dark field detection channels and sophisticated algorithms
    enabling best TPT/Sensitivity envelop of performance.

Detects dicing-related damage inside and outside die boundary at unmatched throughput.
Automatic defect binning and classification.
Best-of-breed setup automation to meet high resolution and productivity requirements of pure-play
    packaging houses handling hundreds of products.



Condor 900 Series


Designed for the high production volume environment, the Condor 900 product series is the ideal choice for inspection and metrology addressing the most demanding semiconductor market applications and the emerging 3D-IC market.

Next generation bumps <10um
Ultra high number of bumps per wafer (30 million)
TSV post-via-fill protrusions (nails)
Ultra high speed 3D scan
Wide field of view camera module for surface inspection and
    CD metrology
Dual arm robot
Fifth generation unique white light triangulation technology
Sub-resolution detection
State-of-the-art Low Contrast Algorithms  
Programmable color filter combined with dark and bright field
Multiple magnifications for the best TPT Vs. detection balance





Falcon 500 Series


High throughput enables 100% inspection at production rates
Optimized adaptive probe marks analyzing algorithm
First-rate surface defect detection
CCS optional 3D measurement of width and height for various
    bumpt types  
Built-in certified performance and calibration targets ensure
    system accuracy
Off-line simulator for detection parameters optimization
Fast, easy and intuitive setup
A variety of upgrade paths are available



Falcon 800 Series


Designed for high-speed measurement and analysis of
    bumped wafers
Integrated 3D and 2D inspection and metrology in a single
Enhanced utilization with extensive off-line capabilities of
    recipe setup and defect review
Built-in certified calibration and performance targets ensuring
    measurement accuracy
A comprehensive suite of SPC charts and reports supports
    bump defect and dimension analysis by die, wafer, and lot
Optional Confocal Chromatic Sensor (CCS) provides pinpoint
    precision to verify critical height dimension or sample gold
    bump surface roughness or profile
Fast, easy and intuitive setup