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MVP -AOI Systems

Machine Vision Products, Inc. (MVP), USA
Automated Optical Inspection Solution
Machine Vision Products, Inc. (MVP) is continuing to uphold its reputation for innovative engineering in the vision inspection industry. MVP is the worlds leading supplier of measurement Based Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Solutions for SMT, SPI, Microelectronics and Packaging companies. From the inception of the very first AutoInspector AOI product in 1986 MVP has been leading the market with innovative and performance based solutions. MVP’s leading software allows for system deployment in many manufacturing environments.



Main Products:


Ultra 850G Series :

The Ultra 850G modular AOI Inspection platform provides a range of advanced optic and handling solutions includeing 3D, high-resolution imaging and quad color lighting. Granite-based Stage for HighMeasurement Accuracy. 3D BGA, Bump and Paste Inspection. Die placement metrology and surface finish inspection.

Inspection Speed: 
• Acquisition Speed of 75 Megapixels per second with a single
    5MP camera
• Up to 20,000 Units Per Hour
• High-Speed 3D Laser for Height Measurements
• Highest Speed, 3 Channel 3D Camera Technology Available

System Hardware:
• Proprietary “On-the-fly” Camera Acquisition
• Programmable Variable LED Strobe Lighting
• Patented 3D Technology, 2 or 4 Micron
• Field of View, Resolution, 1 - 25 Micron/Pixel
• Copy-exact, Inter-machine Capability
• Inspection Envelope 355 x 355mm (14 x 14”)

Spectra Series :

The Spectra Series Quad-Color Technology system the largest format AOI solution for large board sizes or backplane inspection. Tri Linear Motion Control

• Standard Large Format System :
    24” x 24” (610mm x 610mm)
• Spectra XL - 24" x 36" (610mm x 914mm)
• Board Handling - 26" x 38" (660mm x 965mm)
• Flexible, Reliable and Robust Measurements
• Lowest Cost of Ownerdhip
• Easy-To-Use, Award Winning iPro Software

Ultra V Series :

The Ultra V is designed for manufacturers with the need for the fastest beat rates.

• Fastest Throughput to 14 Sq Inches /sec.
• Board handling:
    Ultra V - 20” x 20” (508mm x 508mm); or
    Ultra V XL - 20” x 30” (508mm x 762mm)
• 8 Mega Pixel Camera
• High Accuracy Linear Motion
• Flexible, Reliable and Robust Measurements
• New ease-of-use software

Supra E Series :

The Supra E is the class-leading, cost effective solution for all PCB manufacturers. The Supra E uses MVP’s Quad Color Technology in conjunction with its standard 10um resolution to provide the highest level of fault coverage.

• PCBs up to 20” x 20”
• Fast Programming Generation using new ease-of-use software
• High Throughput to 14 Sq Inches / Sec.
• Highest Defect Detection using Tri-Color Technology.
• Paste Inspection
• 5 Mega Pixel Camera


ePro Easy-To-Use Offline Programming Wizard

MVP’s AutoTrainer enables complete off-line programming for AOI equipment. The AutoTrainer supports off-line database generation utilizing the ease-of-use based ePro Programming Wizard. Off-line program fine tuning and optimization utilizes the Auto-Optimize Wizard for superior performance and confidence in the AOI coverage and detection rates.

• Verify the false fail rates
• fine tuning and optimizationutilizes the program

• Fast Program Generation
• Highest Defect Coverage
• Still allows for custom measurements
• Technician level programming


Die Placement,
Surface Finish
and Scratches

Wire Bond Inspection

3D BGA. Bump
and Pase Inspection

Epoxy and Underfill

Additional Inspection Capabilities