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X-ray Inspection System

X-Ray Inspection Systems
FEINFOCUS, a COMET Business Unit, was founded by Alfred Reinhold in 1982 with his development of the first commercially viable, open microfocus X-Ray tube suited for industrial use. For more than 20 years, Feinfocus has been provided the most advanced X-Ray inspection solutions to manufacturers, with strong commitment to R&D is reflected in the large number of employees dedicated the science of X-Ray technology, complemented by a comprehensive network of worldwide sales and service partners.

1) 2004, Feinfocus Incorporated into the COMET Group, as a division;
2) In 2006, another industrial X-ray manufacturer YXLON also incorporated into the COMET Group;
3) 2007, YXLON and Feinfocus into YXLON International GmbH, to become a member of the COMET, the fields of aerospace, automotive, industrial and electronic X-ray tube and system suppliers.


Capability Features
- Modular design
- X-ray tube & flat-panel digital detector, a clear picture of the industry-leading provider
- X-ray tube target power up to 15 watts, the geometric magnification of 3000 times for wider range of applications
- unique sample rotation and tilt module is a powerful tool for failure analysis
- patented TXI technology, to ensure hight stability of image quality
- patented AIM technology, to ensure that the ROI in the center of the image
- new FGUI software provides CNC programming capability, automatic
completion of the BGA and Void Detection
- equipment can be upgraded directly to CT - 3-dimensional computed tomography to save costs
- exclusive 3 minutes of fast CT scanning technology, the most powerful aides in your laboratory failure analysis
- unique high power target, the target power of 7 watts to maintain the standard testing resolution <1.0μm



Y. Cheetah(uHD)  High Magnification Module (Solution for High Mag. CT Scan)

High Magnification Module is effective to detect TSV, Flipchip, Copper Pillar products. It can achieve greater CT scan results.

• One-click solutions instead of joystick manipulation.
• Geometric magnification 3000x, System magnification 25,500x.
• Easy setup for FNC programming. Mapping function report with mark of pass/fail
• 64 bit Window 7 OS.
• Y. Quickscan to achieve CT scan in 3 mins.
• Y. uHD optoin - Solution for High Definition inspection.




BGA Ball void

Wire bond/sweep

Epoxy void size calculation



Voids inside Solder Paste

Void inside 10um TSV

Flip Chip bump shift




Other options:  

1. An open multi-focus X-ray tube, with three kinds of focus modes: microfocus resolution <1.0μm; nanofocus, resolution <0.3μm; high-power mode resolution of less than <3.0μm
2. FGUI expansion software: automatic BGA inspection and measurement; automatic voids detection and measurement; detection process video
3. Rotary table
4. High power target, especially for low density and very thick non-electronic products
5. µCT module : 3D high-resolution volumetric scans. Best tool for laboratory analysis


Best Copper testing program:
Using Feinfocus X-ray detection system and configure high-speed flat panel detector to achieve the real-time detection of copper wire. Relatively to the raditional detectors, the configuration of X-ray detection system is more efficient and better image quality.



Y. COUGAR Quick Scan μCT Systems 

Revolutionary three minutes to complete a CT :
- μCT technology for product quality analysis and process control
- Y.QuickScan for 3D image reconstruction in less than 3 minutes
- CT detection of large quantities of products to become a reality