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Acid Decap & Delayering Systems


Nisene Technology Group, USA
Automated Acid Decapsulation Systems
Nisene Technology Group — formerly B&G International — has been the world leader in decapsulator technology since its introduction into the semiconductor industry over 30 years ago. Nisene Technology Group offers a comprehensive range of products, methodologies and support services that encompass all IC decapsulation requirements.

Nisene Awarded Three Patents ! 

Nisene Technology Group has been awarded THREE unique patents on THREE different products/processes for our industry-leading decapsulation equipment. 

  • CuProtect Process - U.S. Patent 8,945,343 B2 - Decapsulation with an applied voltage. 
  • TotalProtect Process - U.S. Patent 9,543,173 B2 - Decapsulation with an applied voltage and cooling system. 
  • PlasmaEtch Process - U.S. Patent 9,548,227 B2 - Microwave - induced plasma using plasma discharge tube. 


JetEtch Pro Decapsulation Systems

Nisene Technology Group is committed to providing innovative, high-quality products which address the changing needs of failure analysis professionals. Nisene is to continue to provide products and services that address the needs of our customer, and to offer fast, precise, reproducible and safe package decapsulations - a goal that can only be met with automated instrumentation.


Latest JetEtch Pro System uses acid corrosion of molding compound to expose die in any kind of IC packages. Acid Decapsulation process is quick, safe, and it produces clean, no corrosion to the die surface.The whole acid decapsulation process is performed under a pressurized chamber that is filled with inert gas. It not only can reduce the chance of oxidation of IC package metal surface, but also reduces the volume of corrosive gases generated. The system is designed to be operated with the minimal training due to its ease of use. Some major advantages are listed below:


  • Flexible Etch Time: 1 - 1800 seconds (adjustable in one-second increments)
  • One-hundred (100) Etch Recipe Storage
  • Wide Temperature Range: 20°C - 250°C
  • Thirteen (13) Mixed-acid Ratios
  • Wide Range of Etchant Acid Volumes: 1 mL/min - 10 mL/min
  • Wide range of user selectable acid mix ratios
  • Ability to perform multi-step decapsulation processes
  • Pulse etching enabling rapid decapping with minimal acid consumption
  • Optimization of acid carrying capacity to maximize vortex etching
  • Pulse acid etching
  • Lifetime etch head warranty
  • Pneumo-electric pumping with bi-directional capabilities
  • Smart waste acid diverting valve to eliminate potential hazardous waste acids problems
  • Safety awareness in design, including ease of bottle exchange
  • Software compiled in C
  • CE certification and SEMI S-2 compliance



a proprietary and patent - pending Process


JetEtch TotalPROTECT Advanced Decapsulation Systems

With an unequaled feature set, the TotalProtect can etch the widest variety of any integrated circuits of any system on the market while maintaining the integrity of sensitive internal components.

The TotalProtect system comes equipped with all of the great features of the JetEtch Pro decapsulation system, as you might expect. It also comes with the patented bias voltage application process capability of the CuProtect. In addition to that, it ALSO has a special cooling feature that allows sub-ambient cooling of the etching acid. When combined with the bias application process, the TotalProtect offers the end user a tremendous range of etching parameters for virtually endless recipe combinations. It's the total package for total protection. It's the JetEtch Pro TotalProtect.

Examples of TotalProtect Decaps
at High Magnification (SEM)


Accessory Kits

Nisene Technology Group offers a wide range of standard Accessory Kits, typically consisting of gaskets and Alignment Plates, that meet the requirements for accurate and reproducible decapsulation of most common plates IC package.


- Basic Kit
- PLCC Kit
- SOIC Kit
- QFP Kit
- PBGA Kit
- Die Down BGA Kit
- Universal Accessory Kit

Gaskets and Alignment Plates

Customized Gaskets for
Unique Requirements


GelEtch Bare Die Delayering Systems

Controlled chemical etching for de-layering of IC die has never been possible due to etch chemicals leaking through vias from one metal layer to another, causing cross contamination and etching of successive die layers. Until now it has only been possible to remove surface passivation layers to expose the uppermost metal layer. This metal layer can be removed by manual chemical etching, but invariably chemicals leak and diffuse through the interconnect vias to contaminate lower layers in the die stack.

To overcome this problem, the process of backside emission microscopy was developed. Backside emission microscopy itself is a very demanding methodology, due to the difficulties of preparing suitable thinned and polished die, while avoiding mechanical and thermal damage to the samples.

GelEtch overcomes the problems associated with front side die de-layering by using etch chemicals that are both adsorbed and absorbed onto the surface of an inert, proprietary Carrier Medium (36-6). This material is available exclusively from Nisene Technology and is perhaps best described as a complex quaternary polysaccharide.


  • User selectable Etch Chemistries, Etch Time and Etch Temperature
  • Variable Etch Speed
  • IC Sample View Port
  • Minimal Consumption of Etchants
  • Double Containment system for all Etchants
  • Simple Sample Loading
  • Controlled Etching of Aluminum, Copper, Oxides, and select barrier metals
  • Compatible with almost all Acidic and Basic Etch Chemistries
  • Sequential Die Layer Removal
  • Proprietary Etchant Carrier Medium — Eliminates Etchant Migration through Vias
  • No thermal or mechanical sample damage
  • CE and SEMI S-2 Certifications in progress