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Mech. Testers / Die Pick & Place Systems


Royce Instruments, USA
Universal Bond Testers
Royce Instruments, Inc. celebrates 25 years as an innovative global leader for design and manufacture of precision assembly tools and high accuracy, low force bond testing equipment.
The products include equipment for wire bond and die bond testing, semiconductor die pick and place into trays, waffle pack, and GelPak™ and semi-custom die handling in the life sciences and laser diode industries.

Royce 650 Universal Bond Testers Royce 650 bond tester systems can handle a variety of testing applications including wire pull, Die Shear, Bond Shear, 3-Point Bend.
Royce 650 bond tester to be utilized throughout the leading semiconductor and largest auto and medical electronics device manufacturers. Wide range of applications, wire Die Shear, pull, Bond Shear and 3-Point Bend test.


Integrated high
performance industry standard PC:

Servo motor driver XY stage:

X, Y resolution:

Z resolution:

Step back accuracy:

Loop Height Measurement:

Force Profile:

International Standards:
Internal DVD-CD RW drive, USB, network  ports.
 Standard, 305mm X 155mm

 1 micron

 0.1 micron

 deviation within 1 um when move 25um
 Mil Std 883, Mil Std 750, ASTM F1269,  JESD22-B117, JESD22-B116 and CE Certified.



Centralized Database

Royce 610
Dedicated Wire Pull Bond Tester

Royce 620
Multitest Bond Tester

High Precision Wire Pull

Pull testing thick aluminum ribbon bonds. (Courtesy of Orthodyne Electronics Corp.)

Wire Pull

Bond Shear

Die Shear

Tweezer and
Ball Pull


Trinocular Microscope

Royce Instruments' new TRINOCULAR MICROSCOPE offers numerous enhancements to the Royce 600 Series user experience:

·  High resolution camera
·  Automatic live video capture
·  Integrated within Bond Test Manager
·  Enhanced test insight and traceability
·  Remote review of test video
·  600 series compatibility


DE35-ST Semi-Automatic Die Sorter
• Available for 150 and 200mm wafers
• Picks die as small as 200 μm square
• Waffle Pak, Gel-Pak® and film frame output
• Underside, facet device inspection options
• Die inverter option
• Throughput of 500-1200 UPH, depending on product
• Quick change over, under 10 minutes
• Optional Non-surface contact operation


Picking Large GaAs Die

Die Inverter and
Underside Inspect