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AttoMap Micro X-ray Fluorescence

AttoMap™ is a powerful x-ray analytical microscope with the highest resolution and highest sensitivity laboratory micro x-ray fluorescence (microXRF) capabilities available.

•Highest resolution micro x-ray fluorescence (down to 3-5 microns spatial resolution)
•Unprecedented sensitivity of <1-10 parts per million... within 1 second




Trace Element & Nanoparticle Analysis
The AttoMap provides unprecedented sensitivity of sub-femtogram (and sub-ppm) to measure the distribution of multiple elements simultaneously.
Applications include: rare earth elements in geological samples, nanoparticles (e.g. 50-100 nm), metallomics, forensics, contaminants in advanced materials, and more.

Layer Thickness
Quantitative analysis of thin films, coatings, and buried layers thicknesses down to a single atomic layer can be obtained through standard-less fundamental parameters or with standards. Thickness variations at the microns-scale can be determined. 

Quantitative Composition
Elemental composition and their relative percentages can be obtained for both point analysis and for larger regions, including specific regions of interest or the complete sample. Data is acquired and stored as a hypermap, with each pixel and its spectra, for ultimate flexibility in analysis.




X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) provides information on electronic structure, including valence state (chemical speciation), bond symmetry, interatomic distances, coordination number, and more.

Key Features:
• World's only commercial XAS: provides XANES & EXAFS
• Spectral resolution of sub-eV
• Dual resolutions: Macro mode and Micro-XAS at 10 um




Nano X-ray Microscope (NanoXRM)

Highest resolution 3d nano-CT to determine internal structural information

The NanoXRM was developed by Sigray founder Dr. Wenbing Yun, who previously founded Xradia and led the development of the 50-nm UltraXRM system, to be the most powerful 3D x-ray microscope on the market, with spatial resolution reaching down to 40 nanometers and tri-energy capabilities

Key Features:
• Highest resolution laboratory x-ray microscope ever built
• Tri-energy capabilities
• Two resolutions: 40 nm (hi-res) and 120 nm (large field of view)