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WEB Tech - Centrifuge Systems / BIB Loading

WEB Technology, USA
Centrifuge Systems /
Bubble Detection Systems /
Burn-In Board Loading/Unloading System


WEB technology, Inc. was founded in 1982. we started out designing and building products to perform high reliability tests on Mil-Spec IC's.


WEB 9000 Series Centrifuge Systems


Model 9051 Centrifuge System

Safety, reliability and serviceability are emphasized in the design and construction of the Model 9051. The proper combination of drive rotors and fixturing will allow any package to be tested per the requirements of Mil Standard 883C, Method 2001, Test condition A-E (Constant Acceleration) and other equivalent specifications



Microprocessor control
Field proven safe/dependable design
Fast cycle times
Easy loading
Set-up configuration data can be entered manually or pre-programmed
Extensive sensor network
Compatibility with most any existing fixturing/tooling a customer may have



WEB4800 Series Burn-In Board Loading/Unloading System


The WEB Series 4800 is an automated BIB Loading and Unloading system designed to address the diverse needs of the Burn-In industry. This flexible Pick-and-Place system is ideally suited for applications requiring precise, high speed handling of package types processed in tray or tube medium. The 4800 is available in 5 different base models with a wide variety of Input and Output media options to choose from depending upon the speed requirements and the variety of device types and sockets being processed.




WEB6000 Series Bubble Detection Systems


The Series 6000 Bubble Detection Systems are designed to optimize the performance of the gross leak hermeticity test while minimizing fluorocarbon fluid evaporation.



Exceeds the requirements of Mil Standard 883C
Minimizes fluorocarbon evaporation
Built-in fluid filtration system
Adjustable position magnification lens for improved operator viewing of the test area
Dual light sources for tank illumination in excess of 15,000 foot candles
Available in two different standard sizes: