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Heller Industries, Inc., USA
Reflow Soldering Ovens
Heller Industries was founded in 1960 and pioneered convection reflow soldering in the 1980s. Over the years, Heller has partnered with its customers to continually refine the systems to satisfy advanced applications requirements. By embracing challenge and change, Heller has earned the position of World Leader in Reflow Technology...

Heller Industries, the market leader in reflow technology, supplies solutions for electronics manufacturers and assemblers worldwide.



Why Choose Heller?

Heller Continues to provide Award winning designs and innovative technologies


Service Excellence Award

Global Company of the Year Award in SMT Reflow Soldering Equipment

Best Product
Soldering - Reflow

Best New Product

Reflow Soldering
Company of the Year

Mark III Series - SMT Reflow Ovens

The breakthroughs associated with the Mark III reflow system provide you with an even lower cost-of-ownership. Heller's heating and cooling advances deliver up to 40% reduction in nitrogen and electrical consumption. This makes the MK III system not only the premier reflow soldering system but the best overall value in the industry!

• Lead Free Certified
• Enhanced Heater Modules
• New Flux Management System - Eliminates Maintenance
• Intuitive Control System
• Programmable Cooling
• Integrated CPK Software

New Flux System Virtually Eliminates Maintenance

The new Blow Thru Cooling module

Enhanced Heater Modules

Process Control -
Reflow Oven CPK Software


1809 Mark III - Heller Advanced In-Line Vacuum Reflow Oven

Nitrogen System with Balanced Flow Technology

  • 9 Top And Bottom Heated Zones - highest zone count per linear foot in the industry!
  • 100" Heated Length - for super throughput!
  • 2 Internal Cooling Zones - gives lowest exit temperature!
  • 180" Total Length - optimizes floorspace utilization!
  • NEW Module Design with 10" modules gives the flexibility to subdivide the profile into smaller segments and allows for more refined "profile sculpting". The only way to satisfy demanding Lead Free Applications!
  • Reflow zones configured for Lead Free Soldering as well as Eutectic requirements.
  • Nitrogen Inert Atmosphere To 10 PPM with 50% reduction in N2 consumption !
  • AWARD WINNING Flux Separation System
    • Fitlerless Flux Separation System
    • Water Cooling Option To Increase Cooling Rate
    • "Easy Clean" Mode That Only Takes 30 Minutes
  • Oxygen Monitoring With Closed Loop Control for tightest process control!
  • Oven Cpk Reporting Software - Powered by ECD, this SPC package gives real time Cpk info on your process - A STANDARD FEATURE at No additional charge!


Model 755 Vertical Cure Oven
- Small Footprint- as small as 185cm
- Fast Curing Time-down to 7.5 minutes
- Adjustable Curing Time – up to several hours
- Adjustable Product Width – from 7.5cm to 25cm
- Air Atmosphere (nitrogen optional)
- SMEMA Compatible

- Die attach
- Flip Chip
- Underfill
- COB Encapsulation




--ROI-- No need stop production for PM. Easy Maintenance!

Drain Tube with
Collection Jar


Cooling and Flux Separation System

Easy Heater Replacement and Maintenance