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RBS-88 Mold Cleaning Solvent

RBS-88 Mold Cleaning Solvent

RBS-88 is safe, low cost and most effective detergent, specially formulated for contaminated or corroded mold cleaning. It is non-inflammable, non-toxic and totally safe to mold components or coating. It may be used hot or cold, in aqueous or alcoholic solutions, depending on the extent and tenacity of the contamination. It leaves no residue and is economically reusable.


RBS-88 is grayish-blue liquid emulsion of non-ionic and anionic tensio-active agents and surfactants with inorganic and organic builders and stabilisers in an aqueous base. The ph of diluted concentrate (2% v/v) is 10 (before dilution, ph = 13), and the Specific Gravity of concentrate is 1.02.

RBS is Biodegradable. The solutions are alkaline and excessive contact with the skin should be avoided, it should also be noted that prolonged immersion of non-ferrous metals such as Al, Zn, Mg, Cu, etc. may result in etching.


When applied to any contaminated surface by immersion in a concentration suitable to the degree and tenacity of the contamination, and then rinsed off immediately with clean water, RBS-88 will totally remove the contamination from the surface which will be left virtually sterile. The rinsing process also completely removes the RBS-88 solution, which is non-corrosive, non-toxic and harmless to apparatus, clothing or the person , and may be handled in the same way as any ordinary detergent. RBS-88 therefore meets principle need of the production and maintenance work – prevention of cross-contamination between batches and providing ultimate cleanliness.

There are two major methods to use RBS-88:

(A) When the parts are disassembled :

   1. Shake the concentrate.

   2. Prepared a solution with water (normal tap water may be used). A dilution of 2% v/v is adequate for normal soiling 

         but higher concentration upto 50% for stubborn or heavily stained contamination is suggested.

   3. Completely immerse the items to be cleaned in the solution. Soak for a period between 2 - 12 hours depending on the

         nature and degree of the soiling. Heating the solution (up to a maximum of 60 º C.) or increasing the solution

         concentration, will reduce the cleaning time.

   4. Remove the items from the solution, drain very briefly, then immediately rinse thoroughly. A final rinse with deionised

        or distilled water is advised. Thorough and careful rinse is very important. Then dry the items with filtered

       compressed air.

   5. Speed of cleaning may be increased by use of ultasonic baths, where low concentration solution may also be

         effective.  Increasing the solution concentration up to 50% v/v or heating the solution will have a similar effect.

         When using heated solutions, always rinse immediately on removal of items from the solution.

(B) When the mold is heated on a press :

   1. Prepare the solution with water. 2% v/v is adequate for normal cleaning.

   2. Lower the mold temperature, if possible, to 80°C - 100°C for more effective operation.

   3. Use a nylon brush or a piece of cotton cloth to apply the solution onto the bottom model cavity surfaces then close the

       mold for 3 - 5 minutes to allow the RBS-88 vapour reach the top mold cavity surface.

   4. Open the mold halves, blow the surfaces thoroughly with compressed air. Brush the mold surfaces if necessary.

   5. Follow with 1 – 2 shots of Melamine compression cleaning will completely clean up the mold.